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"I simply can't resist a cat, particularly a purring one. They are the cleanest, cunningest, and most intelligent things I know, outside of the girl you love, of course."
- Abroad with Mark Twain and Eugene Field, Fisher

 Our Kings

Champion Emeraldy Romeo

Blue Silver Lynx (Tabby) Point

Our Emeraldy Romeo is TICA Champion!

Our Emeraldy Romeo has also earned his TICA award:

2015 Best Blue Silver Lynx (Tabby) Point British Shorthair of the year

Kittens available from CH Emeraldy Romeo


Romeo’s Father

Schoenweg Franklin Blue

British Shorthair Silver Shaded Point


Romeo’s Mother

Feliland Devana

British Shorthair Silver Shaded

Champion Pavarotti Rubio d’Oaxaca

Golden Shaded

Our Pavarotti has earned his TICA award:

2015 Best Black Golden Shaded British Shorthair of the year

One Kitten available from our Pavarotti


Pavarotti’s Father

International Champion

Volcano Rubio d’Oaxaca

Golden Shaded

Owner: Angelika Niesel

Cattery: d’Oaxaca

Country: Germany


Pavarotti’s Mother

International Champion

Duquesa Rubia d’Oaxaca

Black Golden Shaded

Owner: Angelika Niesel

Cattery: d’Oaxaca

Country: Germany

Pavarotti is a wonderful and very affectionate boy. He came a long way from d'Oaxaca cattery to become our lovely family member. We are greatful to Angelika Niesel from Germany, Moers-Utfort for such a great "cat diamond" and allowing us to visit her cozy cattery.

Champion Silver Ferdinand from Sunnyplace

Chinchilla (Neutered)


Ferdinand’s Father

Supreme Champion

High Hesket’s Silver Walk of Fame

Zwart Chinchilla

Owner: Jadwiga Kluiter-Jassyk

Cattery: JADWIGA

Country: Netherlands


Ferdinand’s Mother


Silver Shanya from Sunnyplace

Zwart Chinchilla

Owner: Regine Deutz

Cattery: From Sunnyplace

Country: Germany

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