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Our kitten policy

Our kittens will come with:

1.   TICA kitten registration slip
2.   Copies of parent's pedigree
3.   Vaccination, de-worming
4.   Upon request - health certificate from a licensed by vet
5.   Full vet check
6.   Vaccination book
7.   Regular updates and photos before a kitten arrives to the new home
8.   Follow-up recommendations and support - very helpful in answering questions
9.   Help in participation in cat shows                                                                                                     

The deposit for kittens and cats is not refundable.

We reserve the right to cancel any reservation and return the deposit at our discretion.

           Why are my kittens so expensive?

We breed an extra rare color of British Shorthair cats for Canada. We are the only cattery with this color across Canada and one of the few in North and South America. All our cats are brought from Europe simply because blood lines of this quality cannot be bought near by. You can contact the catteries from our link page and find out the price of a show kitten of this precious color in Europe; don’t forget to add the shipping price which usually reaches 50% of the kitten’s price plus the Canadian import tax fees.

We always put the temperament and the health of the chosen cats for our cattery at first place. Our cats, they are years and years of purring in our arms. This exclusive color and soft feeling of the chinchilla’s coat, it is decades of hard working European catteries on the attempt to combine these characteristics with the smile of a cheshire cat. It is years of selecting healthy kittens to continue the breed. It is the love that the cats receive from us from the first days of their lives and give it back to their new owners.

Please understand that kittens remain available until a holding deposit is received. We cannot hold kittens without deposits. The balance has to be paid when the kitten reaches two months old.

Basic shipping package is extra and consists of a small size crate, kitty’s airfare, health certificate, rabies tag and certificate (if old enough) and nursery baby blanket

Money that we receive from selling kittens will be used for buying quality food, vitamins, toys, veterinary services, purchase of new high quality cats and show expenses. We are proud to be a Canadian breeder and show quality of Canadian British Shorthair cats around the world.

 Remember, high quality British kittens do not sell for low. Knowledgeable, experienced cat breeders put a lot into their kittens and do not give them away

My name is Nadya and my daughter’s name is Anna. (We are a mother daughter team.)

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Last Updated: January 15, 2023

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